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We have x security steps:


If your paypal email isn't the same as your F3F3 ID,then we can't create your account.

2.F3F3 ID

If your F3F3 ID credentials aren't the same as your given credentials in the form,then we can't create your account.


If your payment for your account is stopped or try to scam us by stopping the subscription,your account will be suspended.


We have 3 strings:

1.One with 0 characters

2.One with over 1000 characters

3.This page.

5.Bypass string

If you bypass the 1000 characters string,it won't work because we verify our paypal account 24/7 and we'll ban your F3F3 ID.


Why to subscribe to our account mounthly fee?

Because ads cost money to host on our hosting machines and we have to pay rent and more.

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